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Curse Seal and Jinjuriki Ideas

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Curse Seal and Jinjuriki Ideas

Post  Kimmy on Sun Mar 04, 2012 10:41 pm

First off, I'm NEW, so bear with me. Razz

I saw that there were MANY types of Curse Seals during the Sasuke Retrival Ark. So these are my Curse Seal ideas.

(To gain the Curse Seal, you must become a Missing-Nin, and talk to Orochimaru in the Sound Country)

--CS of the Widow--

+15% Dodge Rate

Poison Mist: Once touched by this mist, you are infected. You will lose 500HP every 3 seconds, unless a Medic cures you.

Web Trap: A barly visible web, put on the ground. If you step on it, you will be trapped, unable to move. Using any Fire/Lightning related Jutsu will free you.

X1.5 Tai and Nin (Stage 1)
X2 Tai and Nin (Stage 2)

-200 Chakra per 2 Seconds (Stage 1)
-400 Chakra per Second (Stage 2)

--CS of the Giant--

20% Damage Reduction (Stage 1)
40% Damage Reduction (Stage 2)

Chakra Steal: By grabbing the enemy, you can drain them of their Chakra. 300 Per 2 Seconds. (Usable ONLY while CS is not active)

X1.8 Tai and Nin (Stage 1)
X2.2 Tai and Nin (Stage 2)

-300 Chakra per 2 Seconds (Stage 1)
-500 Chakra per Second (Stage 2)

--CS of the Earth-- (Usable ONLY by the Bone Clan)

Anyone who attacks the user while using Stage 2 will take 500 damage per hit.

X1.8 Tai and Nin (Stage 1)
X2.2 Tai and Nin (Stage 2)

-200 Chakra per 2 Seconds (Stage 1)
-400 Chakra per Second (Stage 2)

--CS of the Heavens-- (10% Chance of getting this CS)

+30% Dodge Rate

X1.9 Tai and Nin (Stage 1)
X2.5 Tai and Nin (Stage 2)

-200 Chakra per Second (Stage 1)
-400 Chakra per Second (Stage 2)


As for the Jinjuriki, I have noticed a recurring thing. When the Jinjuriki is low on Chakra, the Jinjuriki is cabible of using the Bijuu's Chakra, and increasing their own Chakra. So this is my idea for the Jinjuriki. (LOVE Roco's Jinjuriki System BTW)

--Jinjuriki TAB--

Each Bijuu has special abilities. By using this TAB, you are cabible of using the powers of your Bijuu. BUT! There are Six buttons usable by ALL Jinjuriki's.

Version1 (First Form for Shukaku): With each press of this button, you Jinjuriki can add one extra tail on to their Chakra Cloak. Up to the number of CONTROLABLE Tails! This gives the user all their boosts for the number of Tails.

Version2 (Second Form for Shukaku): While in Version2, ALL Version2 abilities are avalible. IF CONTROLABLE.

Bijuu Mode: Able to use ALL of the Bijuu's powers, boosts, and everything else.

Turn Back: Deactivates all of the powers.

Bijuu Chakra: By pressing this, you are able to draw off the Bijuu's Chakra, and increase it up to X2 your Base Chakra, without transforming.


Tell me whatcha think! Very Happy


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