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Gaara Special

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Gaara Special

Post  VizardMadara on Sat Jan 19, 2013 6:08 am

People should be able to gain the ability to gain control over sand.....not like Iron Sand lol. The chance to gain this special would be same or slightly lower than satetsu.

This special would focus more on defensive capabilities more than offensive.

You would first activate this special at about lvl 45 and you must have s rank.

Jutsu you would get would be Sand Shield, Ultimate Defense, Sand Burial, Sand Coffin, Sand Tsunami, and Shukaku Wall(used against kimmimaro), Sand Eye

Sand Shield:Would lower the damage you take from tai, and nin, will slowly drain chakra while active(would give you a sandish tint while active)

Ultimate Defense: Automatically saves you from being hit from jutsu as long as you have enough chakra....i takes 3k chakra from you each time the sand saves you(this may be hardest to implement)

Sand Burial: Once caught with Sand Coffin you can use this jutsu to do high dmg to your opponet, only work on weak npc's and players

Sand Coffin: Do i really need to explain lol

Sand Tsunami: would be similar to the last suiton and doton offennsive jutsu you get except its sand, stronger, and bigger.

Sand Shukaku: Is Basically A BIG ASS OBSTAClE for players to get around could have defensive properties also though.

Sand Eye: Would work like byakugan search except a eye is floating around lol and if the eye is hit you will turn into your regular vision.

Sand Suspension:Envelope yourself into a sand barrier( best time to use sand eye)

I know these alot of techs lol but im pretty sure most wont get approved so i made many

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Re: Gaara Special

Post  Indigo on Sat Jan 19, 2013 5:09 pm

not bad ideas

that automaticly shield and each time takes 3k is troublesome there should be way toggle it on or off

yes you need explain coffin, although i fear you planning this be 100% chance hit if person on screen and targeted, which is no no. there should be somekind sand which you need hit opponent with to this work

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Re: Gaara Special

Post  VizardMadara on Sat Jan 19, 2013 6:20 pm

The ultimate defense would have a toggle on and off feature...and for sand coffin it would be like kage shibari except bigger, and is sand, it will also be controlled by arrow keys

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Re: Gaara Special

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