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Jinjuriki System (PWEASE Read Mister Stormy) :3

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Jinjuriki System (PWEASE Read Mister Stormy) :3

Post  Kimmy on Mon Mar 05, 2012 11:42 pm

This idea just came to me, so I thought I'd write it down.

ALL the systems I've seen are multiplier boosts. But in the Manga, the Jinjuriki draws from the Bijuu's power to get stronger. So this is my idea.


--Bijuu Stats--
All the Bijuu are the same strength. Remember that!!

Lv: 300 (These are the strongest things in the Ninja World)
HP: 2,000,000
Chakra: 2,000,000
Tai: 399,999
Nin: 399,999
Gen: 0

--Bijuu Special Abilities--

1Tail: Sand Control

2Tails: Claws that increase melee range by 1 square

3Tails: Water Bullets (1.5 Nin Damage)

4Tails: Lava Armor (Unaffected from Fire Element Jutsus)

5Tails: Gain control of all elements

6Tails: Poison damage to anyone who hits you while transformed

7Tails: Flight (X3 Running and fight speed)

8Tails: Ink Spit (Blinds all who are hit for 5 seconds)

9Tails: Healing (+500HP Per 3 Seconds)


--Bijuu TAB--

Each Jinjuriki has this. It has the basics of being a Jinjuriki.

"Draw Power"
By pressing this button, you can draw from the Chakra of your Bijuu, without transforming.
You are fighting, and don't have enough Chakra to use your best Jutsu. By pressing this button, you can increase your own Chakra, while draining the Bijuu's. It's Chakra will regenerate over time, as long as you are NOT using this ability.

"Version1" (Form1 for Shukaku)
By pressing this, you will draw more power from your Bijuu.
During a battle, you see you need more power. By pressing this, you gain the Bijuu Chakra Cloak. With this, you gain a partial amount of the Bijuu's power. This gives you a boost in battle.

"Version 2" (Form2 for Shukaku)
By pressing this, you gain a large amount of the Tailed Beast's power. You also gain the ability to make a Tailed Beast Ball.

"Bijuu Mode"
With this, you gain ALL of the Beast's powers! All it's powers are your to command. (Only usable with Full Control)


All I have so far. Tell me whatcha think. PWEASE reply, and tell Stomie to look at this! :3



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Re: Jinjuriki System (PWEASE Read Mister Stormy) :3

Post  Asakuraboy on Fri Mar 30, 2012 3:22 pm

Most of this stuff is in, and all the beasts are just being redone for it..

Only thing that isn't the same is the 'draw power' thing, but for those have bijuu's and don't have 100% of their chakra they have a ticker that will randomly give them 10% chakra back every so often


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Post  Rais on Thu Jun 21, 2012 12:19 pm

I dont mean to nit-pick but according to the series, the bijuu are weaker the less tails (9 tail being the strongest); though some accuracy isn't so important


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Re: Jinjuriki System (PWEASE Read Mister Stormy) :3

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