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events that may come

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events that may come

Post  bjisboss on Sat Jun 15, 2013 7:31 pm

1st event

Protect The Fuedal Lord

-needs 6 minimum to begain an they will be 
devided into two teams

-object of the event will be to assassinate the others
Team Lord

- The Fuedal Lord wil have bijuu like hp(500000e+07) 
an will rotate around the map at a slow pase

-When killed defending our Attacking the Fuedal lord
you will be placed in a random spot on map unable to move 
for 10 seconds

-Prize will be 10k money & 20k exp

2nd Event

Retrieve the Scroll

-this event also needs 6 minimum to start

-objective:teams must infiltrate the other's base and steal there 
Scroll & bring it back to there base to score a point.
you need (3/3) to win the game

-Each Score will give 5k exp 2k money 

-once holding the scroll you wil move at a slower speed
than normal or

-once you have retrieve ur scroll back after killing a attacker
escaping with it as soon as u pick it up the scroll will auto return

-option 2 - walk the scroll back to ur base an place it backhm

-2nd option whiles hoding scroll you will be unable to use jutsu
keeping your normal speed and have 1 hp

-Players who are killed attacking r defending will be placed
Randomly on the map an unable to move for 10 seconds

-Prize for winning overall you wil gain 10k money & 20k exp

3rd Event

King of the Hill Survival

-needs 8-10 minium to join

-players will be placed on a random map where they have to
fight to surive

-Obective: be the last man Standing an kill every
other person on th map 

prize you will be crowned King of the hill for half a hour
allowing u to get double exp an a 2x dmg boost within that
half a hour(so stats wil be doube an doube exp for half a

Indis Ideas

there would be war tent for each village as spawn for players there would also be specific amount of respawns in wars after respawns used player would go into war spawn and would be able spectate people from own village/allies in war there would be certain capture points 
waters in map would be more like canyon than river so people cant get through em withouth bridges

there would also be specific amount of respawns in wars after respawns used 
player would go into war spawn and would be able spectate people from own village
respawn start amount would be voted before war by everyone in war, in option there would be 1, 6, 10, 16, 20. 
1 means really fast war and 20 would mean war that would last about hour if not more
in war every captured tent would give 2 extra respawn to everyone in village/org

War Missions:

During Preperation time if village kage isn’t online, people choose their “commander”
kage or commander would be able give missions to people
- Kill Kage/leader
- Kill certain person
- Capture certain area (all capture points would be named)
- Defend own base
- Defend certain capture point (all capture points would be named)

Capturing points:
to capture point you would need be 1 tile close to it and it would take 30 seconds, capturing would be interrupted when enemy comes close 
capturing enemy base would take 1 minute, and enemy players would get notified that their base is being captured

War types:
in war preperation time no one would know what war would be after prepare time up it would tell what type war it is (random)

Great Ninja War:
5 great villages fight each other
Objective: kill everyone from other villages
Villages vs Organizations/missing nin (2 sides villages and orgs within everyone would be allies each other)
all 5 great villages vs organizations fight each other
Normal War
kage/leader makes these wars, they can made only once per day
Kill Kage/Commander war
objective would be kill opponents kage/leader, after kage/leader dead war ends
Area War
objective: take over every area on map
Target war
objective: each side would get target, opponents mission is protect own target and kill enemy target

War Prizes:
Each Kill: 1000 ryo, 10000 exp
Each Captured point: 1000 ryo, 10000 exp
Each Completed Mission: 2500 ryo, 25000 exp
Kage Kill: 2500 ryo, 50000 exp
Most Kills: 5000 ryo, 100000 exp
Winner: 7500 ryo, 150000 exp

War Hero: Awarded to the person who ends war (last kill)
No Rest: player hasn't rested and died throught the whole war
Evil Will Prevail: Evil Org winning a war (akat,ssm,sound)
Victory is Ours: Village winning a war 
Reaper: get 500 kills in during wars

Counter the Elements

1 player event  

In here player is given next jutsus as level 1: 
Katon Endan 
Fuuton Juha Shou 
Raiton Gian
Doton Doryuo Dango
Suiton Teppoudama

He lose access to all their other jutsus during this event

Object is to hit jutsus flying towards you with its counter move

This event lasts 1 minute, during this minute chosen amount of jutsus are shot and you need hit as many jutsus as possible with their 
counter moves, each countered jutsu counts as 1 point meaning 120 points is max

In start challenger chooses level he wants
Level 1 = 24 shots (0.4 shots per second)
Level 2 = 48 shots (0.8 shots per second)
Level 3 = 72 shots (1.2 shots per second)
Level 4 = 96 shots (1.6 shots per second)
Level 5 = 120 shots (2 shots per second)

Hand signs are nullified in this event (jutsus you choose comes out immediately

Countering then Elements Prizes
each countered jutsu: 1000 exp
100% on level: 5000 ryo, 50000 exp

Beginner Elementalist: Pass Level 1 100%
Advanced Elementalist: Pass Level 2 100%
Expert Elementalist:   Pass Level 3 100%
Master Elementalist:   Pass Level 4 100%
Badass Elementalist:   Pass Level 5 100%

Prisoners of War

Needs at least 10 people to start this event (15 if we make player prisoners?)

1 team will protect fortress which has 5 jails inside it and in them are NPCs, 
This team’s task is to not let offensive team free all jailed people

Offensive team need to infiltrate fortress, find key and find jail door where key goes to
First objective is get through on of 4 doors of fortress
Second objective is find one of 5 keys
Third objective is to find door which that key fits

Opening door takes 5 seconds

Key and jail spawns are set, but which key and which jail spawns on those places is random 
If you have key and you die, you drop key
(Should prisoners be players too who then join offensive team? or does that make it too boring)

Prisoners of War Prizes:
every key gained: 1000 ryo, 10000 exp
every cell opened: 5000 ryo, 50000 exp
every key holder killed: 2500 ryo, 25000 exp
winner team of event: 10000 ryo, 100000 exp

Key Maniac: hold all 5 keys at once
Savior: Open all 5 cells during single event

if u guys got more to add post below

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Re: events that may come

Post  Indigo on Tue Jun 18, 2013 4:09 pm

Khalidz3 Says: event where theres all of the bijuus in a map and everyone gets summoned to the map randomly with their village and each village must  kill the bijuus  watever village kills the most wins

 Khalidz3 Says: the bijuus can have alil lower hp or something if its too hard

 Khalidz3 Says: or it can be teams of 6

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