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New Shit Part 1

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New Shit Part 1

Post  riceysenpai on Wed Aug 29, 2012 12:45 am

Tutorial Zone:

The Tutorial will walk you through and help you learn all the basics as well as tell you stat points purpose and all different forms of fighting. It will start out like this.

Welcome to Naruto Ninja Arts V 4.0! I will be your instructor and walk you through this. First you are going to want to know about the attack button. With this you can attack close up mobs and kill them Lets start you off with a weak one. (An immobile npc rand. Cow, wolf, or frog). Good job! Now that you learned attacking lets teach you about jutsu.

Click and drag your skills to your hot slots below and talk to me when you use Bunshin no jutsu once.
Good! You’re learning fast. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way let’s introduce you to the concept of stat points. First of all you are going to do your stats based off your experience as a player.
You can be a close range (Melee), or Long range (Nin based) which will both work off speed but for close range your focus will be Str, Speed and for Long range you will need Int, Speed also don’t forget to put your stats into Stamina so you don’t die so easily!

I see you used all your stat points? Okay! Now that you understand stat points lets teach you about bosses. Bosses give good exp, and ryo, Ryo is the currency in this game which can be used to purchase scrolls, clothes and weapons. Let’s start you off with an easy boss. (A tutorial Dosu boss is spawned and mobile in the room ahead of the instructor.) Kill him and you will be free of this tutorial and ready to become a true shinobi! (You spawn at your academy) -


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