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Post  Galaxy on Sun Aug 26, 2012 9:14 am

Okay. The Seven Swordsmen have a base. Now they need somthing to fill out the base. Here are my ideas (With inspiration from Nick) Of items that the Seven Swordsmen could have. Feel free to comment, Or give suggestions to make these items better.

Item: Sword Scroll
Description: The Seven Swordsmen of the Mist Leader has this item to summon the swords.
Effect: A Scroll that allows the Leader of the SSM to summon all swords to him, From online members, Or a wepons cache, This item also enables the leader to drop the swords he has summoned to allow him to allocate the swords to members

Item: Sword Cache
Description: A safehouse for the Seven Swords, A member can pick their sword up from here.
Effect: The Swords that are in, Have one copy in here. The Leader of the Seven Swordsmen can then chose a Sword master from here (A pop up window appears, Allowing them to chose from online members (Even Themselves) to be the only person who can master a sword) whenever a SSM member has been offline for 2+ Days, Their sword is automatically pulled from their save file, and put back into here.

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