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Rapheals Random Position App

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Rapheals Random Position App

Post  KazMirage on Sun Jun 24, 2012 2:16 am

Name:Names Michael but I go by MIke

IGN:Rapheal, Shiro Cross, Meh certain things



Way of Contacting You(,

Past Experience as GM: Former Owner of Ninja Rebirth The Perfect Soldier, Semi Current Gm on Naruto The Last Battle 2.0, Naruto Battle of Two Legends, Former Gm on a Multitude of games.

Why Should I Pick You: Well I have something i can bring to the game such as Ideas, icons, Mapping, very little coding, and i have other connections to other coders and stuff like that, i am a generally nice person and i think i will be able to handle the players easier then most would and i can be on everyday the time may very but i can be active.

Now these are What If situations if you say something here and i catch you doing something completly different in game
trust me no good will come of it so please be honest

1.The answer is No just cause i know so one he doesn't get special treatment now if i have a legit account and were in the same vil and i wanna help him train thats another story

2.Well i would give him a official warning, consult the other gms to see if i should futher ounish hi after the warning if so i will if not i will give him his warning and continue my duties.

3. Tell them to quit asking and that it si hidden for a reason, if they continue i will mute them, give them another warning them report them to a higher authority.

4.I report them thats about all i can do and its what were suppose to do.


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