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Jinchuuriki idea

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Jinchuuriki idea

Post  IDKBOB on Sat Jan 14, 2012 4:12 am

How to Capture

After a tailed beast is attacking a village it should be up to the kage to seal it in himself or a villager.
That way you don't see one bastard killing all of them and throwing the demons in one village or have someone from Mist with the 9 tails.
for example shukaku Sand hachibi Cloud and so on.

Demon Seal

Well first of all i think it should get stronger with levels rank uses Ect... and weaker when your Hp is low or you're killed.
When it gets too weak it'll attack the home village ( if the seal isn't repaired by the kage) and resealed in whoever the kage of the village chooses.

Note: if a a village is in a war as a demon is attacking a village the attackers can take it
example : if the cloud starts a war with the sand as the shukaku is attacking they can take it (maybe)

Demon Cloak
Look - Red demon aura around the user with one tale.
Buffs - 1.5x tai 2x Chakra 2x speed
Jutsus - Tailed Beast Rasengan , Chakra Wave

Tailed Beast Rasengan - Rasengan that dose 2x the users chakra.
Chakra Wave - Wind type attack that can overpower projectile items or element jutsu

Demon Chakra Form
Look - Naruto's 4 tails mode but it will have tales based on the demon for example the 1 tails would have 1 tail 2 tails has 2 and so on till you get to 4 and up
Buff - 2x nin and tai 4x Chakra 4x speed
Jutsus - Chakra Arms

Chakra Arms - User summons a Nara shadow type arm that they can control and they can also go inside it leaving a kawa type clone behind
(user will fire some jutsus at random if they don't have full control of their Bijuu)

Demon Chakra Form Stage Two
Look - A small Bijuu with bones 7 tails has wings 8 tails stands up on two feet 9 tails on all fours and so on.
Buff - 6x nin and tai 6x chakra 2x hp
Jutsus - Chakra Blast - Tailed Beast Bomb , Chakra Blasts Chakra Arms
Tailed Beast Bomb - it's ok as is
Chakra Blasts - Basic Element type attack shooting rounds of 1 tile projectiles
(user will fire some jutsus at random if they don't have full control of their Bijuu)
Chakra Arms - 3 tile blast freezing anyone it hits also dealing burn damage.

Bijuu Chakra Mode
Look - Naruto's new form
Buff - 6x nin and tai 4x speed buff 4x hp buff
Jutsus - Rasengan Planet , Rasenshuriken (new form) Tailed Beast Flash Bullet
Rasengan Planet - after a successful hit it will make a 3 tile blast doing half the original damage plus knock back.
Rasenshuriken - If it successfully it'll make a large aoe
Tailed Beast Flash Bullet - hits the target with 5 unblock-able attacks from every direction

Tailed Beast Mode
Look - The Full Demon
Buff - 10x nin and tai 2x speed 20x hp buff
Jutsus - All Bijuu attacks plus normal taijutsu attacks are unaffected by a shield of any kind.
Note: if the user gets to this form they can turn parts of their body into the demon for example the arms without having to activate their demons.

screenshot will be made soon

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Re: Jinchuuriki idea

Post  Roco on Sun Jan 15, 2012 6:41 pm

Demon cloak - Sounds good except the 2x speed and getting tailed beast Rasengan from it. That Rasengan shouldn't be something you should get just from the cloak. Also I don't think shukaku gets that demon cloak

Demon chakra Form - I like it except the 4x speed boost and 4x chakra boost may be a bit too much and again Shukaku won't have it.

Stage two - Buff is too big, jutsus are good though and same problem with shukaku lol.

I was thinking each bijuu would get different boosts since kyuubi will be only be fully mastered at level 80 where as Nibi is only around 30-40 so it wouldn't be fair if kyuubi was harder to master but gives the same boost.

For the bijuu chakra mode and tailed beast mode I was thinking that would be the last stage for each one except for whoever has kyuubi.

So for kyuubi you get the bijuu chakra mode and for every other one you get tailed beast mode.


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