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Traits and cool stuff

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Traits and cool stuff

Post  RiceBall on Tue Sep 20, 2011 5:00 am

We should have a variety of traits atleast 2 traits (no village traits) per every clan and 6 generic traits for No-clans currently I am deciding on clan traits but here will be the generic traits.

1.Talent trait- The reciever of this is praised for their ease on training and gains 1.5x basic stat gain
in all areas except stamina.

2. Hard Worker Trait- The Reciever of this trait gains a much difficult time training specific jutsu but gets
1.5x more stamina due to hard work and potential

3.Genius trait- The reciever of this trait gains 1.5x more intelligence / genjutsu from stat distribution in the specified areas.

4.Reckless trait- The receiver of this trait obtains much more power from battle and is only temporarily boosted due to reckless fighting tactics making them feared in hand to hand and kenjutsu

5.Youthful Trait- The receiver of this trait obtains much more Strength and Stamina (1.5x the basic gain)
from sheer hard work and their disability in ninjutsu mastery

6.Rare Breed Trait- The receiver of this trait has had a very successful chance of obtaining Forbidden Ninjutsu and is able to experiment with this with lack of stamina they gain a lot more battle information and have a upper hand in fighting 1on1.

Clan Traits:


Family Rivalry Trait: The reciever of this trait obtains greater understanding of their clan rivalry and obtain
much more intelligence, speed, and strength but lacks stamina all basic stats aside from stamina
will have a much greater outcome from distribution of stat points by .5x(given they already have sharingan)
(also unlocks sharingan earlier than the hard working type)

Honor trait: This trait is more dedicated to those with Ideals similar to Obito in the clan and struggle to live up to the clan's expectation but in place of living up to those expectations they work hard to be as strong as they can(unlocks sharingan a lot later)but gain a lot more in the end this trait gives the receiver a temporary boost in battle seeing as they unleash much more potential when pushed to the edge(1.5x stats when brought down to half hp)

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