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Seven swordsmen of the mist Swords.... and tech

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Seven swordsmen of the mist Swords.... and tech

Post  Khalid on Mon Sep 19, 2011 8:45 pm

Seven Swordsmen of the mist Techniques:

kirigakure no jutsu
seven swordsmen of the mist will get their own kirigakure.
This Move will Create a huge mist that will be depended on your rank. The Mist will make the user invisable but they will be able to use jutsus and you won't be able to target the user. (it will last for 2 mins)

D rank = 10x10
C rank = 20x20
B rank = 30x30
A rank = 40x40
S rank = 50x50

To Master Each Sword You must do the req each sword has a different req.

Kubikiribōchō: You must kill 300 players with the sword.

Samehada: you must kill 100 and get over 10k chakra.

Hiramekarei: you must kill 100 players with the release form.

Kiba:shoot 100 Raikyūs

Kabutowari: break 50 shields.

Nuibari: Sew 100 players.

Shibuki: Blast 100 players.

when equipped has attack range of 2 tiles all around.
if you kill a player when equipped you will gain a small dmg boost like x0.2 each kill and the cap will be x3 but if you die u lose dmg boost.

Kubikiribōchō Throw: when equipped you will be able to throw the sword 8-10 tiles forward

Mastered Kubikiribōchō Throw: When equipped you will be able to throw it 10 tiles forward and it will hit multiple times until opponenet moves out of the way.


when equipped takes 1000 chakra each hit, you will also be able to slash jutsus and gain 1000 chakra.
when equipped user gets 1000 hp from hit

Fuse - once you master samehada you will be able to fuse with the sword. with this have access all chakra you’ve stolen (Max Chakra Cap: 50000)


Hiramekarei Release: when released the sword will turn into a chakra form hammer and would do x2 users tai and will also has a 3-4 tile pushback.

Mastered Hiramekarei release will get a x2.5 dmg boost and will have a 7-8 tile pushback and be a shield breaker.

Ikazuchi no Kiba : This move will work like kamui... lightning will come down on target when user clicks on them with mouse and will have a 10% stun rate.

Raikyū : a 1 tile Lightning ball that will do nin dmg and if lucky will do stun (10% stun rate)

Lightning Burial: Its a Aoe that will be 5x5 big and will do your nin dmg and have a stun rate of 20%

Mastered Kiba Techs:

Rairyū no Tatsumaki: This jutsu will be controllable with keyboard and the trail will do 1/3 of the base dmg and have a stun rate of 20%

Raigeki no Yoroi: when used this tech you will not be able to get hit by raiton techs. when using this tech you will not be able to use your jutsus and will only be good for 1 hit with this jutsu
to hit with this tech you will have to hit the person directly and the it will have x2.5 of ur nin.

Kabutowari: when equipped will gain x2 dmg boost and be a great shield breaker.

Hammer Style: this is the attack style by only using the hammer and it will have a 5 tile pushback but do your tai dmg.

Axe Style: This is the attack style by only using the axe and it will have faster attack speed then the hammer and will do x2 ur tai.

Mastered kabutowari:

Hammer and Axe Style: this will do x2.5 your tai and be a shield breaker but it will have a 3 second delay in attack, it will also have 2 tile range with it like a throw.


Sew: your attack now will sew people if u hit them directly and you will be able to sew unlimited people but will have 10 seconds anyone u sew will now go to the place you ended at.

Mastered Nuibari

Nuibari Throw: will be a controllable tech where you will control your sword by the thread. this will be as fast as kirin and sew people together doing half ur tai after the tech is done anyone that got hit will go where the tech ended at.

Shibuki: This Sword when equipped will be able to explode on the user if hit with and will be a shield breaker the dmg will be your nin and will have a range of 3x3 once it hits anything.

mastered Shibuki: Will allow you to have a 50% chance to do multiple hits because of the many tags it has.


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