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Profession Changes

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Profession Changes

Post  Roco on Sun Jun 26, 2011 1:54 pm

Me and Indigo came up with changes for most professions and added new ones. Professions as they are now kinda suck I don't really see anyone using them and half of them are still ripped. New professions will make fights more interesting and would give people more jutsus to use,

-Clay profession should be removed and added as special. I think Galaxy and Lightnings clay special was a good idea and I think it was approved too..not sure
-Jashin should also be removed as a profession and be made into a special

Clone Specialist changes

-Remove Oiroke
-Fix Bakuretsu Bunshin after a few uses it won't work so you can't explode clones.
-Remove Suna Bunshin and Suiton Bunshin
-Tajuu Kage Bunshin should only be available to Clone Specialists. People should no longer get it from reaching B rank.

Tandoku Bunshin: This would create a single clone which would have a certain amount of HP and Chakra which would depend on the users health and Chakra. The
bunshin will then be controlled using WASD or something making it move like everyone else so it'll be harder to tell the difference between the clone and
the real person instead of clones running diagonally across the screen. Once the clone is created a new tab should appear this tab will have all the jutsus
the user has however these jutsus would be for the clone so the clone can use all the jutsus you have. In the new tab the jutsus the clone has will have
(Bunshin) or something next to the jutsu so jutsus for the clone can be macroed. The jutsu should consume half of the users chakra, once the bunshin is
killed any remaining chakra left in the bunshin should return to the user.

Bunshin View: This allows the user to switch to their clones view. This would work with Tandoku Bunshin as well as Kage Bunshin or Tajuu Kage Bunshin.
For Tajuu Kage or Kage Bunshin the user would have to target the clone they would want to view from. The user and the clone should also be able to move
at the same time.

Shihouhappou Shuriken:

----C C C C C C
U C-------E-------C
----C C C C C C

- = empty space
C = clone
E = enemy
U = user

after user would use this jutsu it would create area of bunshins infront of him and
every 0.2 second some random clone would throw shuriken (would be like ice mirrors which shoot)

Rendan: This would work with kage bunshin. Once the bunshins have been created using Rendan will make it so that the next bunshin to hit something will knock
the opponent back and will stun them. After that any other clones will be killed automatically and one clone will be created behind the enemy and knock the
opponent back to where the combo began. Once rendan is used there will be a time limit for example if the clone doesn't hit something within time limit after
rendan has been used the combo will not work.

Bunshin Taiatari: This will create a clone infront of the user, the clone will be thrown instantly at a fast speed.
Poison proff changes

-Dokugiri should be released faster

Add Poison: This will allow you to add poison to your shurikens, kunais, windmills, trikunais etc. Maybe swords too if they will ever attack..Once the weapon
coated in poison hits the poison will do damage over time just like the other poison jutsus.

Gokan Sakusou: This will set a tag on the tile the user was standing on. Clickng Gokan Sakusou again will explode the tag creating a purple 3x3 cloud anyone
who steps into the gas will be slowed down.

Poison Bomb: This will throw a bomb full of poison which will explode after 20 tiles creating a 5x5 AoE which poisons anyone caught in it. Or the user could
click on poison bomb again to explode it without it going 20 tiles.

Snake Charmer Proff Changes

Gathering of the Snakes - this would be like sharingan counter except this also works on taijutsus (takes chakra)

Sen'eijashu - would attack 3 tiles infront of user

Sen'ei Tajashu - would be like kirin with 10-15 tile reach

Mandara no Jin - makes 5 tile snake heki (trails)

Body Shedding - this would give 40% of users hp back this also nullifies burn and poison damage,
but takes alot chakra (like 5k-7k)

Snake Summoning - current summoning but would be moved with w,a,s,d and poisons on hit

Taijutsu proff changes

Taijutsu Expert:

Dainamikku Entorii - dash attack that stops when hits also pushes opponent back

Konoha Tsumuji Senpuu - kicks 3 horizonal tiles infront of user
if it hits enemy is pushed back


X = Damage
U= User
D= Drawback

Konoha Reppuu - would freeze enemy for 2 seconds when hits

Konoha Daisenpuu - would make 2x users tai dmg on user


Konoha Senpuu - would kick around user and push 1 tile away
XXX 678
XUX 5U1 1-8 = order of attack
XXX 432

Konoha Genuriki Senpuu - same as senpuu but attacks twice

Lotus - there would be 3-5 minute cooldown in this (cooldown leaves with dying)
1st gate
boost - 1.2x
drain - no hp drain
speci - allows use omote renge
2nd gate
boost - 1.2x
drain - 0.5% hp every second
speci - heals user
3rd gate
boost - 1.4x
drain - 1% hp every second
speci - allows use ura renge
4th gate
boost - 1.6x
drain - 1.5% hp every second
speci - increases movement speed abit
5th gate
boost - 1.8x
drain - 2% hp every second
speci - none
6th gate
boost - 2x
drain - 2.5% hp every second
speci - increases movement speed even more
7th gate
boost - 2.5x
drain - 3%
speci - allows click on map to move (like passive shunshin)
8th gate
boost - 3x
drain - 5%
speci - none

Kugutsu Proff Changes

Puppet Scroll - user would get 3 scrolls (this would work like signature jutsu)

first choise is puppets body (more armoured less stuff can be put in)

10k hp and 10 slots
20k hp 7 slots
30k hp 5 slots
40k hp 3 slots
50k hp 1 slot

second choise is what stuff put into it

metal tail you can move 5 tiles like kirin, returns immidiadly (can stop most jutsus)
trap hatch can be used to trap opponent in puppet
body blades makes damage when run over opponent
empty body allows user go inside puppet and use it as shield
back blades when used two blades start whirling on his sides making damage to everyone on his right or left side
flamethrower allows shoot 5 tile long flame
water pressure shoot small water which can pierce through objects and players
electric wire can shoot straigh moving wire which electrifieds when hits
arm blade increases puppets attack damage
detachable arm shoots arm forward (increased damage with blade)
claws lets puppet attack 2 squares infront
1st bonus arms makes it attack twice
2nd bonus arms makes it attack three times
needle bomb can shoot big thing from arm and when he click it second time it stops in mid air starts shooting needles into every direction (not at once)
chakra shield this uses users own chakra though puppet to make shield which blocks all physical attacks and some jutsu
bomb will shoot bomb which will turn 3x3 AoE after 5 tiles
kunai shooter shoots kunais, delay in these is bigger than senbons, but hurts more
shuriken shooter shoots shurikens, delay in these is bigger than kunais, but hurts more
senbon shooter shoots senbons at fast pace, but hurts less than kunais
smokescreen starts little by little making bigger area of smoke around puppet

return puppet - to do this user needs be 1 tile close
reprair puppet - to do this user needs be 1 tile close it

Fuuton Specialist Proff Changes

As a Fuuton specialist, you are provided with your own Giant fan to use as a weapon,
with this fan you are able to specifically set the number of moons appearing on the fan,
each moon will determine the size, power and eventual cooldown of the attack

Each moon is based on the number of ninjutsu the user possesses

2k base nin to achieve 1st moon + first set of attacks
4k base nin to achieve 2nd moon + attacks
6K base nin to achieve 3rd moon + attack

As you possess a giant fan, you are capable of using it as a front based shield that blocks any attacks that may be aimed at
your front.

When one moon is visible, your wind jutsus are meak and only do x0.5 your ninjutsu, you are also capable of using these moves:

Dust wind technique:

This technique allows the user to temporarily slow down their opponents by fanning sand
into their eyes, obscuring their sight to the point that they need to slow down

3x3 aoe, No damage

Sickle weasel Technique: The standard Fuuton specialist technique, allowing you to blast a one tiled air blast at your opponent
which appears in a straight line, gives a small push back

When two moons are visible, your fuuton jutsus are boosted to do x1.2 your ninjutsu,
and with it you are able to perform these:

Great Sickle Weasel Technique:

A stronger version of Sickle weasel technique, with it your range of attack will increase to a 3 tiled heki move which will
a substancial push back to your opponent as well as do "wound" damage that lingers over time, similar to poison or burn.

When three moons are visible, you have finally reached the full potential of your profession and your fuuton
specialist attacks are boosted to x2.5, you will also unlock your final jutsu

Scythe Weasel: A much grander version of Great sickle weasel, that will be transformed into a 5-7 tiled heki move that will deal
x2.5 your nin and give an incredibly large push back.

Weapon Specialist Proff Changes

-Rename kage shuriken to Shuriken Kage Bunshin No Jutsu
-Remove Kage Kunai
-Remove Homing Windmill
-Remove Homing Shuriken
-Remove Homing Kunai

Shuriken Kage Bunshin No Jutsu: When the user throws a shuriken he can use shuriken kage bunshin no jutsu to increase the amount of shuriken in mid air.
Once the shuriken is in mid air and the user uses Shuriken Kage Bunshin No Jutsu the shuriken will multiply making it a 5 tile attack.

Kunai Grenade: This would be a weapon which can be brought from Tenten for a high price. This weapon can be thrown and once it comes into contact with
something it'll explode and fire off kunais in all directions.

Soushouryu: The user will start spinning around throwing random weapons in all directions for 10 seconds. This should have like a 2 minute cooldown.

Attach Wire: This allows you to attach a wire to, shurikens, kunai, windmills and trikunai. Once you've attached a wire to one of your weapons the next time
you throw that weapon you will be able to move the thrown weapon slightly. If a kunai with a wire is thrown you can move the kunai back and forth 1 or 2
tiles to the left or right. However even though you can move the weapon around slightly the direction in which is going in will not change. While the weapon
is being controlled the user is frozen. Clicking attach wire again will detach the wire from the weapon allowing the user to move again.

Makibishi: These are small sharp objects which are thrown onto the ground. Anyone who walks into these will be damaged slightly and will be slowed down
for a 3-5 seconds


U = User
X = Makibishi

Sougu: Tensasai:

U = User
S = Scroll
- = shadow (also shadow area could make damage)
X = area of damage

All that area is where the enemy can be hit including the shadow

Kage Shuriken No Jutsu: Use this while a windmill is in mid air will create another windmill behind it. Allowing another windmill to hit if the first one is

Fuin Proff

Fuka Hoin - sets scroll infront of user which only works against Katon jutsus or Amaterasu,
after it absorbs jutsu it shoots it immidiadly back

Gogyo Fuin - after used would reduce damage of all jutsus by half, lasts 1 min or when user dies

Gogyo Kaiin - Unodes the effect from Gogyo Fuin

Ura Shisho Fuinjutsu - The user can set this seal on to themself. The seal activates after the user dies,
instead of going straight to spawn the user has an extra 3 secnods although he/she will be frozen for those
3 seconds. After the 3 seconds are up there will be an 10x10 AoE explosion

Keiyaku Fuin - this releases targets control from anything
(bunshins, summonings, ems control, yamanaka, shisui control)

Tensha Fuin - user can give some of his technique to another one for 1 minute this has 15 min cooldown

Infuin - this will reduce users full chakra amount into 75% but collects chakra in seal
(10 every second up to 50k?)

Infuin: Kai - this gives user all stored chakra
Barrier Proff

Kekkai Hojin - adds 4 tags into 5x5 area corners, if anyone walk into that area he gets damage from all tags

Kekkaimon Gofu Jutsu: Hachimon Heijo - user needs to summon 4 statues square (no limit),
to get in or out of this barrier enemy would need destroy 1 out of 4 statues

Kekkai: Tengai Hojin - would make 3x3 area around user when this is on user would take only half of damage,
but this takes alot chakra to keep on

Shishienjin - makes 10x10 big area around user where no one can leave nor enter,
this goes off when user dies or users chakra ends

Mugen Hoyo - freezes target and takes his chakra every second, this can be got out by using punch,
this also protects target from outside attacks

Tajuu Mugen Hoyo - same as Mugen Hoyo, but this is bigger, making 3x3 area infront of user.
freezing and stealing chakra from them all time, also needs more damage done to get free

Kanchi Shisutemu Jutsu - this will make 20x20 barrier around user, but user cant move,
and anyone who steps in area is told to user (maybe showed too so when someone steps in
it would change screen onto that person for second)

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