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Improving Current Things/Future things ._.

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Improving Current Things/Future things ._.

Post  Madara on Thu Jun 02, 2011 11:55 pm

Bijuu Attacks (Normal)
-Rage (4 tile dash that does x.5 tai pushing the opponent back)
-Chakra arms (Kirin like) (does x.5 chakra + x1 nin) (Moves fairly slow; speed as nara shadow)
-Chakra shield (You have so much chakra you blow away people near you) (Chakra drain 2500/sec + push back of enemies)
-Heal (Use the bijuu's powers to heal you; however once you take bijuu off you lose 5000hp/sec) (heal does x.5 nin / sec; Chakra cost 1000/sec)

Bijuu Mastered attacks
-Bijuu bomb (3 tile blast that does x.2 current chakra; freezes user for charge + attack) (Pushes Enemy back 5 tiles + x.1 burn dmg) (+ x.1 per tail burn dmg and attack; this x.1 also includes boost not base chakra)
-Dash (6 tile dash thats just for speed)
-Mastered Chakra arms (Kirin like) (Does x2 nin) (moves fairly fast; Speed as amatarasu)
-Mastered Chakra Shield (You have so much chakra you hurt and push away others around you) (Chakra drain 1000/sec + push back of enemies + burn dmg x.3 nin)
-Mastered Heal (Heals user 100hp/sec when using mastered bijuu;50 chakra/sec ; no hp dmg)

Bijuu Verb Activation
-When a person says a certain word in "say" the bijuu can trigger (Example key words Kill,die,run,help etc.)
-When the person masters their bijuu they can turn this on and off
-They can also set it so when names appear in say bijuu triggers

Hirashin Kunai
-You should be able to drop up to 4 kunais (people cant pick these up); used for teleporting purposes
-Kunai should move a bit faster =/ (I mean in the show the 4th hokage was the fastest)
-Person with Hirashin kunai + S rank should get that teleporting portal thingy ._.

-Kages should be able to set up A-S rank assassination missions/things they're too lazy to do

Barrier Field for each village ?
-People in Kage house will be alerted when a stranger enters the village

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Re: Improving Current Things/Future things ._.

Post  Indigo on Fri Jun 03, 2011 7:54 am

"however once you take bijuu off you lose 5000hp/sec"
thats ridiculous, anyone would lose all hp in matter of seconds

"-Mastered Heal (Heals user 100hp/sec when using mastered bijuu;50 chakra/sec ; no hp dmg) "
only 100hp/sec, that is really useless heal people with 20k+ hp that heal is baraly noticeable

using nara shadow and amaterasu to tell speed, i think those 2 are almost same speed, nara shadow can be fast when kept it moving it is about same speed as kirin

activating bijuu through say =/ intresting idea but i dont think that would work in the end

also you forgetting something...there is NO kagehouses in game xD

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