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New Slashing Weapon System

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New Slashing Weapon System

Post  Madara on Fri Apr 15, 2011 9:38 pm

As you all know one of V3's main features is the new slashing weapons !

How it works ....

Weapon Durability
In battle you will face powerful opponents and you may not be able to counter their attacks; this is where durability comes in.

-Will determine when/if the weapon will break
-The lowest dura is out of /1 (kunais) and the highest would be swords from SSM
-If someone chanels chakra into their weapon and you block with your un chaneled weapon the weapon will break right away (not including special weapons).
-If you both have chaneled weapons the winning element will lower the opponents dura (example Raiton>Doton infused weapons)
-If the element is the same nothing happens
-If your weapon breaks you cant get it back
-If your dura on your weapon is low you can repair it at an npc (Tenten NPC)

Generally range in a battle is decided on the size of the weapon and the user.

How it works
-Element chaneled weapons can hit from 1 tile away
-Normal weapons can only hit whats infront of them
-special weapons will vary due to size

In Naruto they dont swing their weapons around forever it only goes on for a cupple minutes or so...

How it works
-Stamina will determine how much you can wield/swing a weapon
-the lighter the weapon the less of stamina it would cost to attack with a weapon equiped
-As you put your weapon away your stamina slowly restores the less you move and preform jutsu (stamina can recover when resting)

How do you increase your stamina ?
-Your stamina will increase as you progress in the game and continue to use your weapon(s)

Generally in Naruto the guys with bigger weapons dont spam slash with them >_> they're usually slower.

How it works
-Each weapon will be given a weight
-The greater the weight the more stamina it will take up (Example kunais take the least amount of stamina)

Blocking/Slashing system
Ok of course there are gonna be flaws if we dont cover everything @_@

How it works
-If 2 people slash at the same time they'll clash and only lose stamina points (the person with the weaker weapon will lose more stamina)
-Blocking is when the user stands still in a block position that blocks all weapon attacks and lowers jutsu damage for a high amount of stamina per second & chakra if the person infuses it in.


SSM swords will probably have the highest amount of Dura & highest amount of stamina to use but then again they will be the strongest weapons in the game.

-Cant be broken @_@ too many complaints if they could be


How do i increase my weapons Max dura ?
-Smelt more of the same weapons into it (Tenten npc)
-Each time you repair it it increases by 1

What level can i wield a weapon
level 1 o_0 ?

What level can i fuse chakra into my weapon ?
Dont know level 25+ o_0

How many weapons can i wield ?
-2 at a time
-Note in this mode you cant do jutsu
- and it costs more stamina

Lets say i wield 2 weapons can they be different ?


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Re: New Slashing Weapon System

Post  Indigo on Fri Apr 15, 2011 9:46 pm

well well madara, i think this is first time you done idea i have nothing more to add xD
this is really nice idea and youve though it quite throughfully

well actually there is one thing xD
"How do i increase my weapons Max dura ?
-Smelt more of the same weapons into it (Tenten npc)
-Each time you repair it it increases by 1"

people could fix their weapons all time and make their weapon have 1000 dura easily, i do think fixing is possible only when weapon is broken

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