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Training method! Challanges and Mini Games

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Training method! Challanges and Mini Games

Post  Legend on Mon Apr 11, 2011 2:33 pm

Well so I've been thinking that this game needs a little umph to make it that much more enjoyable, I can say that just training by spam killing a certain boss npc doesn't exactly sound too fun, so these are my suggestions

Add in Boss challanges in which you are teleported to an arena fighting a certain boss (Who will not use homings, however you will be unable to as well), and as such you will have to rely on your skill as a ninja to survive, based on the boss, you will earn preset amounts of exp...I was thinking.

B rank Chuunin - 5k exp -Fairly straight forward fight between a chuunin lvl npc with damage ranging from 500-2k, firing basic ninjutsu like housenka or doryuheki
A rank Jounin - 10k exp -Another fairly straight forward fight between a jounin lvl npc dishing out damage ranging from 1k-3k, depending on the attack.-

Major Bosses!

Sound Genins:

Dosu, Zaku and Kin Tsuchi:

You will battle against Kin Zaku and Dosu, a one on one fight, after defeating the first you will be automatically healed and teleported to the next fight, until you have defeated all three, each of these npcs give 30k, killing all three will leave you with 90k + an extra 10k for managing to kill all three. damage dealt by these three will each be around 5-8k


You will be facing off against kabuto who uses powerful medical jutsu to throw off your senses and strike you down! you will receive 70k exp for defeating him, damage done by him will be 10-20k.


You will be facing off against one of the former legendary sannin! His strength is quite immense, summoning snakes in order to devour you, as well as using his diverse knowledge of ninjutsu to reduce you to ash, he will also have the option of using kusanagi whenever in the battle, dealing melee damage from 20k upwards, after he has lost considerable hp, he will then switch to his snake tail technique which transforms his legs into a snakes tail, severely boosting his speed to the point that he would be quite uncatchable

More on the way!

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