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New Uchiha

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New Uchiha

Post  Indigo on Sun Mar 20, 2011 8:25 pm

Uchiha Clan Ideas

Sharingan: would give 10% chance dodge/block any attack when its on. Also it would have high chakra drain, but drain would get smaller by uses
(at 300 uses no drain at all)

illuminate: would give that square on everyone in screen (except clones/kawa)
Counter: would turn any genjutsu back to opponent (unless opponent has alot more gen than user)

new genjutsu ideas: these jutsus would take some chakra and wouldnt work if opponent genjutus is higher
Player Dissapear: make every player dissapear from target screen
Turn: turn target screen upside down
Shake: make target screen shake
Reverse: reverse targets movements
Jutsu Dissapear: make every jutsu dissapear from target screen

Mangekyo Sharingan: would give 15% chance dodge/block any attack when its on and doubles stats (like normal sharigan now),
also it would need alot uses to make blind (about 50-100 uses)

Tsukiyomi: sasgays tsukiyomi would mess with opponents health and chakra looking they arent losing it,
making it seem he is only making handsigns when he actually does jutsu (wouldnt show jutsu)
,or something like that xD
and then all sharingans would have either itachis type or sasgays type tsukiyomi

Susano'o: would have 2 stages
1st stage is only shield you can move with
2nd gets specail ability but this needs to be unlocked somehow

sasukes 2nd stage
would get crossbow and could shoot straigh going (they get through everything and can pierce multiple opponents)

but movement would be slow with this on

Itachis 2nd stage
can attack 6 tiles in goukakyuu like------------- A
reduces dmg of shield brakers little---------- XXX A = attacker
but movement would be slow with this on-- XXX X = area of dmg

other sharingans 2nd stage
would randomly get either itachis or sasgays susanoo

Amaterasu: should probably be like kakashi's kamui you click on area but when you click on area it would make more and more flames around area you clicked
(could be used twice after it would have 10 min cooldown)

Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan: would give 20% chance dodge/block any attack when its on, and would triple stats,
also only Madara, Izuna, Sasuke and Itachi could get this (after sasukes EMS is showed)

Kamui: would be same as left eye sharingan
Amaterasu: with EMS you could use it 5 times and after it 10 min cooldown
Susano'o: would maybe unlock 2nd stage

Madaras EMS: would give same ability as Izanagi but it wouldnt use eyes (attacks go through for moment with huge chakra drain)
Sasgays EMS: would give manipulation as EMS gives now

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i like it

Post  Evil Fox on Sat Dec 03, 2011 9:26 am

i like it
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