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New Kaguya

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New Kaguya

Post  Indigo on Sun Mar 20, 2011 8:19 pm

Kaguya Clan needs to be changed

-Remove Spine Whip

-Remove Bone Sword

-Remove Bone Armor

-Remove the current Tessenka No Mai

Tsubaki No Mai - Using the jutsu creates a bone sword and the attacking style of the user changes. Attack would have a pattern:
Attacking once would hit anything 3 tiles horizontally infront of the use, attacking
Attacking second time would attack anything 2 squares vertically infront of the user and so on.
To take off the bone sword and change the attacking style to what
it normally is just use the jutsu again.

Tessenka No Mai: Hana - Rename Bone Drill to this xD

Tessenka No Mai: Tsuru - Using the jutsu creates a bone whip and the attacking style of the user changes.
in direction user is facing he can click on 3x5 area infront of him and would attack there,
if opponent is under tile he attacked it would still hit.
(and if possible to code user would see this area as darker area but only he could see this)

XXX X = Area
XXX U = User

Example: if user clicks on 4th tile in left side it would damage this area

XMM X = Area
XMM M = Miss
XMM U = User

Karamatsu No Mai - would be movable shield against taijutsu but ninjutsu still effects (use bone armor icon)
Chakra Drain on this should be 500 every 3 seconds

Sawarabi No Mai - there would be 2 diffrent sawarabis

Sawarabi no Mai: after using this it would make 10x10 big area, where user can click on, on point he clicks it would make 3x3 big area of spikes appear
and this area would last 30 seconds, and spikes user makes appear would last 5 seconds (people cant walk over spikes)
this attack would take 1000 chakra from every summoned spike
(and if possible to code user would see this area as darker area but only he could see this)

Sawarabi no Mai Hyaku Kasui: after using this it would make 10x10 big area show white little things as warning for 5 seconds and then make 10x10 AoE
this attack would take all chakra from user


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