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Rasengan/Chidori inprovements

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Rasengan/Chidori inprovements

Post  Madara on Wed Feb 16, 2011 11:47 pm

How to gain Rasengan
-You can buy balloons/rubber balls at the shop
-You have to train to this way to get shape manipulation up
-Rasengan will take 24 hours of game play to master (use it)
-Using clones will take you basically 4 hours to master it ? (Using Tajuu Kage bunshin)

If you train 2 hours today and 30mins later and an hour the next day you'll have 3:30/24 to gain rasengan (so you dont have to actually train for 24 hours)

-Damage will increase x2 Chakra (In the show rasengan's 1 hit -_-)
-You can use an incomplete Rasengan but the damage will be only 1/5th the original power

-You'll get "Rasenshuriken" after you gain Rasengan if you have wind element
-If you hit Rasenshuriken at first you'll get a mini one and it'll just explode
-After 500 uses you'll master it (use it fully) (this isnt so hard concidering you have clones ._.)
-You can use an incomplete Rasenshuriken but the damage will be only 1/9th the original power

Madara says: Fuuton: Rasenshuriken ! (Naruto: Fuuton Rasenshuriken sound once you master it)

If you dont master it it'll say one of these
"You failed to combine your wind nature with the rasengan !"
"The chakra is too dense and you lose control"
"The chakra was too intense and you burn your hand"
"You've been pushed back by your own rasenshuriken !"

Odama Rasengan
-You gain "Odama Rasengan" after you gain Rasengan
-The first time you use it it'll just explode
-Will take about 100 uses to master it (use it)

Madara says : Odama Rasengan ! (Naruto:Odama Rasengan ! sound when you master it)

If you dont master it it'll say one of these ...
"You start to lose control of the chakra"
"Not enough chakra was pumped"
"You failed to increase the rotation power"

How to gain Chidori
-They dont mention it in the show .... but im guessing they kept doing it til it was right ._.

-damage will be x1.9 chakra (has to be lower then rasengan =D )
-after preforming it and failing 99 times on the 100th time you'll get it

Madara says: Chidori ! (Sasuke: Chidori ! sound when mastered)

If you dont master it it'll say one of these ...
"You failed to use your Lightning nature"

-damage will be x2.5 chakra
-after preforming chidori 100 times you'll gain it

This would make the game more interesting because atm too many people have these moves and its not as OPED as in the show or manga and not as cool =) of course the requirements to these would be hidden (well you could talk about it but do you really want a noob with one of these moves ._. ?). x2 Chakra might not sound as oped but a guy with 5k chakra can do 10k with 1 rasengan ._. which should be near 1 hit KO or atleast half the opponents hp ._.

Post ur ideas here on rasengan and chidori ._.


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