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New Profession Ideas

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New Profession Ideas Empty New Profession Ideas

Post  Shion on Wed Jun 16, 2010 9:47 pm

I've made this topic for you to post your new proffs idea. All you have to do is fill this:

Profession Name:
Condition: (Like Taijutsu Specialist is forbidden for Kaguya Clan)
Extra Info:

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New Profession Ideas Empty Re: New Profession Ideas

Post  Ventus on Wed Jun 16, 2010 10:25 pm

Profession Name:Genjutsu Specialist
Description: For ninjas who prefer mind f*** rather than phyiscal confrontation or elemental warefare, genjutsu users range on fear tactics to false images of death or even under the beleive that they are living in a diferent instance of time.
Journey into black darkness; The target's screen goes black for 10 seconds. Should the user be harmed or move, the genjutsu is dispelled.
Flower Petal Dissolve: The user dissolves into tiny flower petals, automatically untargetting themself from anyone whom has targeted the user, and making it impossible for someone to target user. Jutsu lasts for 10 seconds
Hell Fire Vision Technique- The Target's icon appears to be burning (to target only) as well as fire around them, and to the target, it looks liike they are losing health, once thier health "drops to zero" their screen goes black for 5 seconds as if they died. Genjutsu is dispelled after the 5 secons dead screen or if the user moves or is harmed.
Tree binding death; User teleports behind the target, a tree forming around the target. During the genjutsu both user and target are paralyized for 10 seconds.
Condition: Available to Non Clan only.
Extra Info: The Jutsu all last for 10 seconds only.


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New Profession Ideas Empty Re: New Profession Ideas

Post  Ventus on Wed Jun 16, 2010 11:35 pm

Profession Name:Summoning Master
Description:These ninja specialize in the art of summoning mystical animals from a different dimension through the summoning jutsu, these powerful creatures need an incredible amount of strenght in a specific jutsu area for some to even be summoned.
Toads;Dimension warp frog [User can enter frog's stomache, in which the user then controls the frog until using the command to leave the frog's stomache] Gakamichi[ Can attack and perform basic suiton jutsu but can not target], Gamaken[Can only attack, but attacks stronger], Gamanbunta*[Sepcial Henge, Toad blade cut, can perform more advance suiton moves except kirigakure no jutsu], Demolisher Toad[Same as Gamaken but weaker]

Snakes; Basic snake [Can constrict enemies, slowley causing the target to lose health], Giant snake[Capable of consuming targets, putting them inside of the stomache of the giant snake, lasting 15 seconds before regurtitation], Manda* [ Capable of Constricting that does 10k damage and can consume enemies, mostlikley killing them as opposed to the Giant snake's consumption which is just containment], Kawarimi no Jutsu Snake style [User can use the summoning seals for a kwaraimi no jutsu in which they disspaear and then the kawarimi turns into 3 basic snakes instead of a regular kawarimi that just turns into a log]

Slugs; Katsuyu*[ Katsuyu can poison for a bit of damage and heal people, releif poison, and split herself into little katsuyus, all healing for the same amount around 7k health]

Other (A random one of the following is given to you); Kamatari [Wind Blade Slice, can throw a sickle and chain],

Giant Hawk* [Capable of Flight and can attack for a bit of damage],

weapons [To your inventory for usage, similar to the kunasangi, these weapons can range from Shuriken to maces, and particularly melee weapons, and the projectile weapons are not targetable, but they do work similarly to housenka's barage scheme],

nin dogs[all 5 are summonable, each capable of attacking only, and pakkun unable to attack, but however can track and can be summoned sololy]

People [The most rarest of the "other" summoning to get, the target person can only be a player and the user must have targeted the player from the begining]
Condition: Summoning is not accesable to Inuzakas
Extra Info:
Any summon with an asterisk (*) are ridable, and cost 15k chakra for the user to summon, every other summon costs 8k chakra and reduces that amount also, as well as using a jutsu or special move that is not attack will cost 1k chakra to the user.

Players can not be controlled once summoned, it's more like a GM's summon ability but as a jutsu.

Weapons do not cost 1k chakra to use, and only 4k chakra to summon, and work similarly to summoning the kunsasanagi into your inventory.

For the Animal summons, only one animal can be summoned at a time, summoning another gets rid of any summon you already have out.

Snake Style Kawarimi's Snakes are controllable and count as one summon, so all 3 snakes are controlable.

To summon all 5 nin dogs requires the same amount of chakra it takes to summon an asterisked animal (that being 10k), and you can summon 1 individual dog for 2k.


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New Profession Ideas Empty Re: New Profession Ideas

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