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Ideas For Sage Mode?

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Ideas For Sage Mode?

Post  SanderRadionov on Sun Sep 19, 2010 8:29 pm

Well you know in V2 the Perfect Sage Mode just has you making 2 clones with Oodama Rasengan and all. But it should be something like this:

Well when you go Sage Instead of those clones with Oodama appearing it's a Jutsu you can use while in Sage Mode. So what i'm saying in Sage Mode you'll also get new Jutsu. And You should look cooler too. Like the Shades Below your Eyes. and Maybe in Sage Mode you'll get that awesome Red Cape with the Scroll? Razz That'd be awesome. lol. And well if Summons will be put back you can also summon Gamabunta Or Something. Maybe all three? Well yh that's what i think should Happen. Razz

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Re: Ideas For Sage Mode?

Post  Legend on Sat Oct 02, 2010 6:11 pm

...But...Perfect sage mode does give you the shades...and eye changes too. Oh and the red cape idea...No, only Naruto possesses the red cape and scroll in sage mode, because? Its narutos sage mode attire, no one elses. Yeah I do agree that Perfect sage mode needs more attacks, or perhaps nerfing some of the existing ones, but to be honest, Its not bad as it is, right? I mean Kage bunshin CO rasengan, Double Rasengan are fairly good moves without the sage mode being too OP with ugh...lets say that mass Kage bunshin Cho Odoma Barrage thing he did in the manga, so yeah, the Jutsus for PSM are fine at the moment, besides, dont SM users get that Frog Kumite thing where they attack those close to them?

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