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Making the game more realistic & better =)

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Making the game more realistic & better =)

Post  Madara on Sun Aug 15, 2010 12:27 am

theres some odd stuff about the game so i wana suggest some things =)

-Elements beat other elements
-Weapons clash with other weapons
-Hyuuga shields should reflect kunais not jutsu (e.g housenkas >_> )
-Hyuuga jutsu should have a duration (shields)
-walking on water should cost some what chakra
-New critters added into water (fish & crabs =D )
-Chuunin exams (part 1 & 2)

-Since Akatsuki have to capture bijuu i was thinking since theres 5 seconds til spawn once the person dies they would collapse & this would make the game more realistic =D .

-Instead of whispering people we should have messenger birds =D that actually fly to the person (but you have to be on the same map) that would be epic =) or just having messenger birds in general would be cooool =D .

-Well besides the star village i think that a land of iron should be added in for members & they would have a katana to start off with or somethin... i dunno samurais sounded cool though ._.

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Re: Making the game more realistic & better =)

Post  Indigo on Sun Aug 15, 2010 12:43 am

elements are going beat other elements when new elements are added, for example level 1 katon loses to level 1 fuuton, but level 2 katon beats level 1 fuuton, and there will be 4 levels of jutsus, also shields will have levels which tells what kind attacks they can shield from

well i starred thinking system for weapon vs weapon after your ideas in "chakra control and elemental manipulation" thread. but havent come up with good one

Hyuugas Kaiten is like that, it lasts couple seconds like sharingan counter. but hinatas shield i think shouldnt even be like that it was more like attack than shield
and i think kaiten should stop even jutsus although we never seen it against jutsus i think that rotation will stop it

yes i agree with walking on water should cost chakra. but i think there should also be diving system when on water. dont really know what use this would have other than dodging attacks when on water, but this way also those critters you meantioned could be killed xD

about akatsukis sealing thing. it will work so we need beat jinchuuriki and drag him to base, so i think this is already being added maybe only on jinchuurikis maybe not

i kinda liked your whispering idea, even though its useless and would just build up work for storm xD

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