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Update Bugs + Old and Odd bugs

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Update Bugs + Old and Odd bugs

Post  Madara on Thu Jul 22, 2010 1:54 am

BUGS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Jutsu without cooldowns

-All or most 3 tile shooting jutsu (Example housenka)
-Senpo Odama Rasengan (Sage mode guys running around with 3 odamas -.- )
-Mei Mei
-Place clay & explode
-Fuuton Atsugai
-Fuuton furyuudan Fist of wind
-Fuuton Dai kamaitachi
-Choujuu Lion summons
-Choujuu Snake
-sumi tate?
-clay armour ?
-Fuuton:Kage kaze needle no jutsu
-Fuuton Kaiten shuriken
-Katon Dai Endan
-Katon no jutsu ?
-Katon karyuu endan
-Ninja sword strike
-Shunshin (I can do like 10 shunshins before a cool down)
-Sume Yajuu
-Actually i just noticed >.> all homings have no cool down or most ._.""

Clans without cool downs

-All nara jutsu?
-Uchiha sharingan freeze,vision,false kill,false death,counter
-Hyuugas byakugan?
-akamichi's meat tank ?
-Inzunkas fang over fang stuff ?
-aburame bug armour? bug summons ?

Odd bugs~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

-Kunai cuts through jutsu
-Amataratsu cant go through or cut Mukton element
-Amataratsu cant cut or go through iron sand
-clay shot is invisable (I can icon that)
-Invisable buildings in mist
-mist is kinda small dont you think =/ ?
-Rocklees a bit oped and isnt he a good guy xD
-1st hokages blind should wear off aftr 1 min or so =/
-Rasengan should charge like chidori but stop at a certain point
-you can kill people in SZ at certain parts
-Naras are glitched (people walking off shadow,once you kill the person your still frozen ect.)

Got anymore un obivious ones ? post em

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Re: Update Bugs + Old and Odd bugs

Post  Roco on Sun Jul 25, 2010 5:56 pm

Hyuuga's Tenketsu Fuuin takes far too long to have effect on the enemy and until it takes effect the user is frozen.

The Squad bug is still there, doesn't let you disband

Tajuu Bunshin No Jutsu has no cooldown.

When people have black screens and they fix it, it telports them into trees in the Rogue area outside Leaf.

People shouldn't be able to move NPC's with Rasengan or Sonic Roar.

People go into Negative HP lol..

Some jutsus shouldn't have effect on people in SZ if they're used outside SZ. If someone shoots Goukakyuu or an AoE from outside the people in Safe Zone shouldn't be effected by it.

-Raining Blood
-Mokuton AoE
-Jinton jutsu
-Nisen Rendan
-Bakuretsu Bunshin
-Hyuuga Palms
Any others?

When a Hyuuga kills a boss with palms the palms should stop straight away because right now they carry on and kill people in spawn

Jyuken should take away less Chakra when hit, In 1 or 2 hits the enemy goes into Negative Chakra

Nibi doesn't have a aura

If you're not adding Diagonals back into the game people shouldn't be able to use them with macros

I don't know how it happens but sometimes when people log out they leave a clone with like Inf HP.

Sometimes Inuzukas dogs randomly run away when you take them out of your inventory

Karasu Bunshin can only use Sharingan Vision not Sharingan Freeze

Raikiri used to be obtainable if you had Raiton element and talk to Kakashi a few times but now Kakashi only says "Yes?" So you can't get Raikiri.

Rasengan and Chidori require 7k Chakra to use and Kirin only requires 3k...Lol

Clicking Doujutsu next to Arena and all that other stuff doesn't activate Byakugan and I think its the same with Rinnegan

Sometimes Nisen Rendan and Bakuretsu Bunshin from Clone Specialist proff stop working. Only handsigns are performed not the jutsu

You can power up with your Bijuu to break out of EMS's Sharingan Manipulation. The person using EMS can't control someone when their Bijuu is activated instead it spams this 'Is Using His Sharingan To Control You!'

Iron Sand doesn't disappear if the Iron Sand user logs out the Iron Sand stays there until a GM deletes it >_<

Having Shukaku as your Bijuu doesn't give you Suna jutsus anymore...Unless it was taken out which I'm not sure about

Kujaku Myouhou Agouny is invisible

Sume Hitoya doesn't work

I don't think Kamui is meant to log you out of the game...Or Sonic Roar

Left Eye Sharingan's icon stays on and doesn't come off

Sage Time numbers arent right lol

Giving Ryo is bugged

When you ues Rasenshuriken your Rasenshuriken uses don't go up in your stats tab same with Susano

You can use Frog Kata in Safe Zone

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Re: Update Bugs + Old and Odd bugs

Post  tm12 on Sun Jul 25, 2010 7:38 pm

Roco wrote:People go into Negative HP lol..
That is a bug where game thinks u have a bijuu or power-up...
that's why i added a idea for that bug ---->Hyper Mode


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Re: Update Bugs + Old and Odd bugs

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