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Nara Clan

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Nara Clan

Post  Roco on Mon Jul 12, 2010 7:49 pm

- First of all Kage Shibari should be controlled by arrows.

- Kage Kubi Shibaru should be abled to be used by any shadow jutsu the opponent is caught in not just Kage SHibari or Kage Mane.

- All shadow jutsus should have a limit on how far they can go, depending on the time of the day. 30 tiles at day, 15 in evening sunrise or whatever it is
and 10 tiles at night.

- The opponent should be able to get caught by any part of the shadow not just the end of the shadow. So If he/she walks back into another part of the shadow
they get caught.

Kageyose No Jutsu: The user can create two shadows one controlled by WSAD and one controlled by arrows. The user can move these shadows around and then use
an 1x1 AoE attack on the end of each shadow whenever he likes. Once someone has been caught by either of the shadows the user then has the option to either
use Kage Kubi Shibaru on the opponent just as he can with every other shadow jutsu OR he can grab the person. After grabbing the person the user has the
option to pull them opponent towards them, this also retracts the shadow. Same thing can be done to weapons (IF you make it so that weapons can be stuck in
the ground Razz)

Chakra usage: Uses up 50 Chakra per tile it moves.

Cooldown: 20 seconds.

Requirements: 500 Nin and 1 skill point for one shadow. Two skill points for two shadows.

Kage Mane Shuriken No Justu: The user throws a kunai which looks the same as all the kunais so the opponent can't tell the difference. After a certain amount
of tiles say around 10 tiles the kunai drops to the floor and forms a 3x3 circle shadow. Anything thats in the circles range gets frozen or anything which
runs into the circle too. Using the jutsu again would de activate the circle.

Chakra usage: 100 Chakra as soon as the circle activates. 50 Chakra per 3 seconds if one person is caught. 100 Chakra per 3 seconds if 2 people are caught.
150 Chakra for 3 people. 200 Chakra per 3 seconds if 4 people are caught and so on. 8 is the max.

Requirements: 800 Nin 1 skill point to learn the jutsu at one skill point it would only be 2x2. Putting in 2 skill points later on will make it 3x3.


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Re: Nara Clan

Post  Madara on Mon Jul 12, 2010 8:09 pm

great ideas but i think for the last one 8 is a bit oped >.> . Thats like capturing the whole SSM or akatsuki ._. .But i think 6 should be the limit like other shadow jutsus.

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Re: Nara Clan

Post  Roco on Mon Jul 12, 2010 8:13 pm

Well catching 8 would be rare even catching 2 would be rare. Who would be dumb enough to run into the circle


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Re: Nara Clan

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